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Dr. Wamser + Batra Group of Companies

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Dr. Wamser + Batra Group of Companies

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Dr. Wamser + Batra Group of Companies

Hands-on experience in good times and bad

Dr. Wamser + Batra Group of Companies

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We make experience useful.

The WB Group of Companies combines years of experience and methodological expertise of approx. 70 experts:inside in Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and India. Most of our experts were either in leading management positions in international medium-sized companies, start-ups or corporations worldwide active. Or they have worked as Reviewers, scientists and members of regulatory bodies State-of-the-Art Methods developed, learned and successfully applied.

The experts have even situations and challenges experienced by companies today in the ever-changing globalised world. These include, in addition to successful growth phase, even in tricky situations and crises.

The experience of the experts will help you 1) Identify scenarioswhich are often not perceived, 2) Discover solutionsthat you do not need to develop yourself because they have already proven successful in completely different industries, companies, countries or areas of application, and 3) projects suitable for you with the capacities available to you The experts do not work "from the distance of a theoretical advisor", but come from entrepreneurial practice themselves. 

We successfully apply our expertise to projects in two specialist companies:

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Are you currently dealing with risks, crises or their impact on you or your company?
Or is there an acute crisis or emergency that you need to resolve immediately?

Then you can benefit from our Experience as long-standing risk experts & crisis managerswho we have appointed to leading positions as managing directors or managers in the Medium-sized companies as in Corporations on their own skin.

As strategic partner We provide comprehensive support to companies and authorities in the Identifying potentially harmful influences up to the Strategic planning for the future.

Our Services range from the Risk prevention and the establishment of a Strategic risk management about the Coping with concrete crises and emergency situations to the development of a resilient future strategy.

Are you already active in India with your own business activities?
Or are you planning to establish or expand activities in India, to expand or optimise production or distribution capacities? Or do you want to establish or close a joint venture?

Then benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the support of European companies with expert:ing in Europe and Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Bengaluru.

With Years of practical experience in Indian companies or German and European subsidiaries, we are competent contacts for the strategic implementation of your projects throughout the Indian subcontinent. 

Our services range from Brand entry via the establishment and management of subsidiaries and joint ventures up to the Turnaround management, optimisation of existing structures and crisis management (e.g. exit from joint ventures, strike, management change and India exit).

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