Press release: Foundation of WB Risk Prevention Systems GmbH

Strategic consulting boutique founded with focus on risk prevention and crisis management

Bochum, 25.07.2022

The foundation stone for WB Risk Prevention Systems GmbH was laid in Düsseldorf on 25 July 2022. With the foundation of a separate company, the the Partner Marcel Hagens, Jan H Heinen, Volker Klosowski and the Dr. Wamser + Bartra Holding GmbHrepresented by Mike D. Batra and Dr Johannes Wamserthe great market response of the last two years.  

As strategic partners, they support companies and authorities in risk prevention and the Structure of a strategic risk management, crisis management and the development of a resilientn Future strategy. They accompany companies during change processes.  

Not least, but especially due to the crises of the last two years, such as the Covid pandemic, massive supply chain disruptions, the flood disaster, the war in Ukraine and the accompanying Energykrise, many companies have become more risk-aware. A change in thinking is taking place and WB Risk Prevention Systems accompanies companies as they move into the future stronger. 

Experienced crisis managers in an international environment

With the Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH Holding has the newly founded consulting boutique a partnerin on the side, dhe brings over 20 years of experience in international business, especially in India. Especially in the Indian business, crisis management and risk prevention is a crucial part of many projects and is part of everyday business.

Also the other Mitgladle from years ofn Experience as a crisis manager in a wide range of industries, the in dhe Current and future projects flow in: as manager in medium-sized companies, member of the incident commission, as taskforce in active war zones, as anti-corruption expert, as member of the commission for plant safety, as emergency manager at Lufthansa AG, as international expert for counter-terrorism, as responsible manager at TÜV Rheinland & TÜV Nord, as head of Frankfurt Airport., as an expert in risk management and (high-risk) insurance companies, as an expert in the protection of companies and their teams in hostile environments and as Covid19 representative of Leipzig Airport.  

Influenced by these experiences, the foundation stone for WB Risk Prevention Systems GmbH was laid. This enablest it, company and authorities holistically and from different perspectives. In this way, connections and scenarios can be recognised that were not perceived before. Based in Bochum and with national, as well as international representatives and networks, the team has worldwide contacts at its disposal.